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Let's See If We Can Help, Inc.
P.O. Box 8462 Philadelphia, PA. 19101  215-665-8285
www.letsseeifwecanhelp.org                      letsseeifwecanhelpinc@gmail.com
 Black Tie 
Fundraising Gala
2009 Donor Appreciation Party
Monte Carlo Night Fundraiser
And the winner is...
  Karima Beach &Kingsley Ibeneche
Bianca Fare & James Brooks III
Chris Miller & Molly Corcoran
Safiyyah Staten & Jonathan Delgado
Darnita Clark-Carter & Jonathan Priester
Rocky-Jay Bowyer & Janelle Murphy
Taylor Paige & Donald Finch
Dancing with the Stars 
of Philadelphia 2011  
           3rd Annual Fundraiser            
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Iris M Henry

Guests enjoyed a beautiful evening as they mixed and mingled at the beautiful Greylock Mansion. All in attendance were impressed by the dance demonstration performed by members of Philadanco and the University of the Arts under the direction of Ms. Kim Bears-Bailey. The good times rolled on in the game room with roulette, craps, blackjack tables and more. As always the sumptuous buffet and butlered hors d' orves by Tuxedo Caterers made it an elegant event to remember.
Iris M Henry
Get Ready
Set Sail

   Independence Seaport Museum 2013
  This year 'Let's See If We Can Help, Inc' decided to sponsor, present and fund a new community event designed to expose and teach African American youth the art of sailing. Feeling that this offered a tranquil alternative to traditional sports for limited access youth, we created the 'Get Ready to Set Sail'  program. Because of it's success we plan to fund the creation of an organization which will allow the program to continue. In addition to the program held at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, more than six individual families each were treated to private sailing lessons and  fantastic Chesapeake Bay cruises on the private 2012 model 38' Jeanneau 379 sailboat owned by 'Healing on the Bay' located in Annapolis, Maryland. In addition there were numerous other prizes distributed including museum boat rentals, maritime books and a private party aboard the AJ Meerwald schooner. It was both an excellent learning opportunity and a unique fun experience.  Special thanks to Captain Marcus Asante, Claude Knowles, The Atlantic Rangers Scuba Diving Club, Darren Jahmani, Pathfinders Travel Magazine, The Independence Seaport Museum and Shoprite Supermarkets, Inc. for their generous food donation and to all of more than 70 attendees who made this event, held Thursday August 22, 2013 at the Independence Seaport Museum a very successful one!  
Little Darren J
Many photos courtesy of Delcina Wilson Photography
Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia
Program Presenter Sea Captain Marcus Asante, Founder of Universal Sailing Club
Program Presenter Weller Thomas, co-Founder of Pathfinders Travel Magazine
Iris Henry-Aiken and young program attendees
Attending family members enjoying the day's program
A few winners of the Chesapeake Bay sailboat cruising experience 
More winners of sailboat cruise 
Presenter and sailboat owner Claude Knowles of the Atlantic Rangers Scuba Diving Club and The Universal Sailing Club.
'Healing on the Bay' sailboat owners Michael Campbell and Alyson Hall with Little Darren Jahmani who learned how to commandeer the boat
Outside of 1971 Columbia 30' sailboat that Little Darren first learned to commandeer
Interior of 1971 Columbia 30' sailboat used for Little Darren's first sailing experience
Iris Henry-Aiken introducing program speakers at 'Get Ready to Set Sail' program held at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia
Little Darren J learning to navigate the waters of Baltimore Harbor in a 1971 Columbia 30' sailboat
Little Darren J learning to sail the Chesapeake Bay with 'Healing on the Bay' owner Michael Campbell and Captain Steve
                   to all of our 
             Dancing With The Stars 2011
                 Ms. Kim Bears-Bailey
Hosts LeeAnn Willis & Mannwell Glen with Iris M Henry
Iris M Henry & Board Member Bonnie Johns
Ms. Kim Bears-Bailey
Kingsley Ibeneche & Karima Beach
Dancing with the Stars 2011 first Place Winners!!!
Winning moves by Jermaine Turnbow & Alejandra Tarquino
More winning moves by Alejandra Tarquino & Jermaine Turnbow
Let’s See If We Can Help, Inc.
Dancing with the Stars of Philadelphia 2012
Annual Fundraiser

November 4, 2012
 4:00-7:00 PM


 The Commodore Barry Club 

6815 Emlen St.
 Philadelphia, PA.

Proceeds to benefit ‘Let’s See If We Can Help, Inc.’ an organization focused on addressing legal issues related to tangled deeds and spousal rights. 
Join us for a beautiful evening of dinner and dancing as ‘Let’s See If We Can Help, Inc.’ presents its fourth annual ‘Dancing with the Stars’ of Philadelphia fund raiser.  Dance instruction courtesy of students from the prestigious, world re-known University of the Arts in Philadelphia and Philadanco and presented by producer/director Ms. Kim Bears-Bailey.  Delight as contestants glide across the ballroom floor performing the Tango, Salsa, Meringa, Cha-Cha and Ballroom.  Picture yourself as a dancing star.

Tickets $45.00   For tickets and information contact ‘Let’s See If we Can Help, Inc. ‘  1-215-665-8285

  Let's See If We Can Help, Inc.   P.O. Box 8462 Philadelphia, PA. 19101  215-665-8285   www.letsseeifwecanhelp.org                                          letsseeifwecanhelpinc@gmail.com

          Contestants Bianca Fabre' & James T Brooks IV

Dancing with the Stars 2012
  1st Place Winners!!!
Kinglsley Ibeneche & Deborah Stephens
Robert Pena & Jamillah Staten
Joshua Quesada & Olivia Stoner
Bonnie Johns and Iris M Henry
Hostess Michelle Cunningham & Host Manwell Glen
Kelsey  Holley & Charles Rouse
Producer, Director, Choreographer Ms. Kim Bears-Bailey
Lamar Spence & Reshma Anwar
Chris Miller & Kelsey Holley
Albert Thompson & Kim Bears-Bailey
Hostess Michelle Cunningham and Host Manwell Glen wiith first place contestant winners
Chris Mance & Solice Surles 
Dancing with the Stars of Philadelphia 2012
Group dance finale
Contestants Jasmine Ingram & Vincent Cheatam
Contestants William Jones & Kim Bears-Bailey
Contestants Joshua Quesada & Roxanne Campbell
Contestants Aisha Kittrell & Vincent Cheatam
Congratulations Dancing with the Stars of Philadelphia 2013 
1st Place Winners

Jermaine Turnbow & Alejanddra Tarquino
Contestants Alejandra Tarquino & Jermaine Cheatham
Hostess & Host 
Michelle Cunningham & Mannwell Glenn
Boardmembers Iris Henry, Deborah Stephens and Vincenteen Miller-Parks
Judges:  A & E Writer Howard Tucker, Daily News Columnist Jenice Armstrong and Music Producer/Recording Artist Angel Sanchez
Contestants Nate Wallace & Kelsey Holley

Great News!

Printed material from​

The City of Philadelphia's Register of Wills Office is now available for us to distribute online 

 Learn more about this important office and what part they play in the estate and/or probate process of a deceased person

A major cause of gentrification in our communities

In 2008 I founded Let's See If We Can Help, Inc. after experiencing an unbelievable nightmare with my husband's family. It involved a property they were scamming him out of and I caught wind of it and took the lead. The story is very detailed and quite complex but I was victorious (for lack of a better word) for a few reasons, none of which is contributed to them. When much was said and done with that situation, I decided (no, God decided), that it would be my life's mission to assist people who would run into the same problem that I had. There just wasn't anywhere to turn at the time. I was fortunate enough to have the resources and God on my side, but what if I hadn't. I decided to bring awareness and education about the problem of tangled deeds and property rights in the city of Philadelphia to anyone who was willing to listen. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but as turns out I was sent every one I needed to successfully present our free 'Tangled Deed, Property Rights and Estate Planning Workshops'.
Since 2009 we have been offering these free workshops around the city. We should have standing room only, but we don't. I am so thankful to be able to bring these workshops to the community. It is for this reason that I have to address the issue of gentrification, as it is so relevant to our workshops. You see, my initial problem centered around fraudulent property transfer, but in conducting these workshops, that's not the major problem at all. The main problem in our communities, in my experience, appears to be one of financial "illiteracy". Continually, generation after generation, we fail to plan for the next one and when we do, we fail to stress the long-term impact on ourselves as well as our communities if not implemented properly.  
Because of this lack of, what is more commonly called "estate planning", we lose properties at an alarming rate. Yes, properties in certain communities such as the African American community are targeted, but the bigger question is why are they targeted. We have to take some responsibility for placing the targets on our own backs. Year after year, we encounter people whose family had property, but no will was created and the estate never probated. This causes the property to fall into the hands of local governments, and is usually loss to taxes. Combine that with the dilapidated conditions that often exist in some neighborhoods and as an investor, you would be foolish not to take advantage of the situation. Knowing this, investors can usually obtain these properties for little or nothing. Thus, the area is targeted. If I were an investor, it would only make sense that I would target the area where I could make the most amount of money for the least amount of effort. Please don't take it that the investors are off the hook. They're not, but that is a detailed subject for another day. 
One way, we can avoid some of these problems is to write a will. This can cost little or nothing and can be a major legal document or a simple piece of paper. Next, think about who you think is the most responsible person you know and ask them to oversee your estate (these are your affairs after you die). If your kid is on drugs, you can still love them, but they may not be the best person to handle your estate or leave property to. If you can do so, leave specific instructions as to what to do with the property immediately upon your death and try to resolve the potential tax issue beforehand if dealing with family members who have few if any resources. Try to be up to date on any property taxes you may owe. Remember that if your property gets sold, at least someone of your choice may have gotten something out of the deal. If the property is lost to taxes, only the investor made out. Stop throwing your property away into the hands of investors for nothing. Take time to prepare. If you have questions or need help, attend one of our free workshops or feel free to call us.

Interview with Assistant District Attorney Cameron Kline 

Lately, the issue of tangled deeds in the city of Philadelphia are more of a problem, possibly because more people are talking about it and more agencies and organizations are involved, this according to Assistant District Attorney Cameron Kline who is the Communications Director and Spokesperson for the City of Philadelphia District Attorney's Office. He says he is not really aware of this being as much of an issue in other municipalities but assumes that weaknesses statewide such as fraudulent notary seals (because they are easy to replicate), may have something to do with it. Under the administration of District Attorney Larry Krasner, they are focusing on stopping this crime and prosecuting those involved through their office of Economic and Cyber Crimes. Once fraud is determined, the complication of paperwork involved makes it very difficult to quickly return the property because of the shifting of paperwork between numerous parties. Assistant District Attorney Kline was unable to give detail as to what the office does as far as prosecuting suspects. Because of the sensitive nature of the procedure and also being careful not to expose details that criminals may find a way to circumvent, he shed little light on this matter.
One pressing concern I had, of which I posed the question, was whether or not there is a way to immediately remedy the fraudulent transfer to allow the property owner to avoid the time and expense of costly litigation. It appears the avoidance of the cost in terms of time and money cannot and will not be diminished at this time due to the legal process that Assistant District Attorney Kline says is necessary to follow in order to assure fairness. In other words, an expedited way to recovery is not something that's likely to take place in the near future.
The administration would like to influence legislation to help curtail this problem but it is something that is possibly down the road. In the meantime, if you experience a stolen deed issue, you can call 911 immediately or email 'justice@phila.gov' to report it. By calling 911, it routes the issue for the record and would be seen by the police department. The DA's office would then investigate and prosecute if necessary.
If you have questions or concerns, attend one of our free workshops. The seasonal schedule will be listed on our website or you can call us at 215-665-8285.

Free Financial Literacy Basics Program
Sponsored by 'Let's See If We Can Help, Inc.

Often times during the free workshops offered through 'Let's See If We Can Help, Inc.' we converse with people who, perhaps through no fault of their own, are clueless about finances. During these workshops we talk about estate planning which is a part of financial literacy. Unfortunately, many people never connect the dots showing the relationship between the two or how they relate to the consequences that may have brought them to the workshop. 
 I cringe when I hear people say they saw an advertisement on television for a 'how to get rich quick scheme' by investing in the stock market and following the company's 'no-lose' strategy. After you've wasted all your money on the package they've sold you and your hard-earned dollars have been lost in the market (using their strategy), see if you can get a refund. They've made their money and disappeared. It's because they know you need to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. In other words, start with solid footing in the area of finance as a foundation and build from there. That's the only way to assure positive results, not through hit or miss (usually miss) scams.  
Making sound financial decisions helps everyone win in the long run. This is why 'Let's See If We Can Help, Inc.' is introducing free financial literacy classes to both youth and adults. It literally pays to educate yourself and your children by introducing money management skills that will last a lifetime. Learn basic lessons such as banking through an established institution vs the neighborhood check cashing outlet or why bad credit cost you so much, including that job you really wanted. Understand why following a budget is your road map to financial success. Be introduced to 'Investing 101' after you have learned how to save money.
These free programs will be offered by 'Financial Literacy Basics' starting in the Spring 2019 in neighborhoods throughout the city. Don't miss out. Check back for our upcoming schedule and registration information on our website or call us for more detail.

Iris M Henry and Board Member Bonnie Johns
2012 model 38' Jeanneau 379 sailboat

After nearly losing her home to fraud, she helps others hang onto theirs
| Jenice Armstrong
Updated: April 19, 2019 - 9:44 AM

Back in 2008, Iris Henry was training brokers for the Vanguard Group in Malvern and living in a Mount Airy twin.
The house had belonged to her pastor husband when she married him 17 years earlier, but Henry had made it her own, redoing the floors, adding new windows, sprucing up the bathroom, and installing fresh landscaping.
She and her husband had a traditional arrangement in which he paid the bills. At first she was OK with that. But then, her husband, who also owned a barbershop, fell gravely ill and slipped into a coma. As he recuperated, she began going through his paperwork. To her surprise, she discovered that he was behind on many of his accounts. So Henry took over and began paying everything off.Their situation got weird, though, after she learned that he had given power of attorney over his finances to another family member. It understandably became a big point of contention between husband and wife, and Henry began to suspect that something more sinister might be afoot.
After much back and forth, her husband finally relented and put Henry in charge of his finances. But their drama was far from over. I’ll spare you from some of it, but the important thing to know is that in the midst of some of this, Henry’s spidey sense went off.
"I went downtown for something else. I don’t remember what it was. While I was down there, something kept telling me, ‘Look at the deed, Iris,’” Henry recalled this week. “Because I was right there by City Hall, I went and looked at the deed.”Her name had been removed.
“I went into a panic,” Henry recalled. “I was so angry and upset.”
She immediately got to work, getting her name added to the deed. Henry was able to complete the transaction just in time. Her husband died shortly afterward. As she grieved, Henry thought about everything that had happened and began sharing her experience with others.
“I found other people in similar situations shortly afterwards who had married someone who had a property,” she told me. “The person had kids, and when the person passed away, the kids came around and kicked the person out.”
Henry created Let’s See if We Can Help to help locals untangle deeds to properties and also assist with estate planning. The nonprofit hosts free workshops at various churches and libraries around the city, and literally takes estate attorneys and city officials to those in need. They help people with all kinds of problems, including those who think they might own a particular property but don’t.“Everybody will say, ‘I own the house,’ but it was never changed from maybe the grandmother’s name,” Henry said. “It’s like, ‘Oh, my mother left me the house.’ No, the mother really didn’t leave you the house. … The house was never in her name so she could leave it. And then the family’s fighting over it.”
This happens more than people realize, particularly in neighborhoods where multiple generations inhabit the same residence.
I met Henry in 2012 when I was struggling with a complicated estate issue of my own. It was a beloved family property with five heirs and differing opinions as to its fate.
We became friendly, and several years ago, she asked me to participate in her annual fundraiser, “Dancing With the Stars," at the Commodore Barry Club ballroom. Since I’m not much of a dancer, I serve as a judge or mistress of ceremonies. I do it gladly. I also contributed $100 to her GoFundMe campaign.
Because what happened to Henry could happen to anyone.The next Let’s See if We Can Help seminar is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday, April 27, at Vine Memorial Baptist Church, 5600 Girard Ave. The session is free and open to the public. For more information, call 215-665-8285.

by Jenice Armstrong
Posted: April 19, 2019 - 9:44 AM
Jenice Armstrong | @JeniceArmstrong | jarmstrong@inquirer.com
Reprint from The
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Jenice Armstrong is an award-winning columnist who writes about local and national news for ThePhiladelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News and Philly.com